Skin Remodeling System is now at Kardia.


Skin Remodeling is the latest non-surgical facelift treatment combining 5 popular technologies into 1 incredibly effective treatment. Also known as Virtual Mesotherapy, SRS allows the penetration of extremely high quality ingredients to be delivered into the dermis, nourishing every cell along its path. This is possible through the following modalities; Ultrasound, HVPC, Iontophoresis, Electroporation and Micro-Current. 

Our clients love that it is non-invasive while delivering incredible results. SRS is a fabulous alternative for those not wanting injectables & fillers or to undergo surgery. 

Your series of gentle skin rejuvenation sessions will leave your skin looking years younger and will:

  • tone facial muscles
  • boost the production of collagen & elastin
  • repair and renew cells
  • tighten and lift the skin
  • brighten the complexion
  • tone and lift neck muscles

Each Skin Remodeling session is 30 minutes

Series of treatments are performed twice weekly. Depending on age and lifestyle your prescription may include more than 6-12 treatments, we can discuss this during your initial consultation.


$140 single treatment

$750 series of 6 treatments

$1100 series of 10 treatments